Ok… first ever blog, first post. Be nice people!

Having the world’s most boring job, Mr Sketchy put me onto this…

The Monday Project

My creative cogs DEFINITELY need some oiling!

Having ended a relationship in the last few weeks, and through a pretty intense conversation not long after with a friend, the approach I chose to take for this month’s project was based on the nature of issues, and how after a breakup, you tend to walk away with a few more of them. Forget material pursuits… The greatest treasure you could give to anyone (in my books anyway) is your heart. But after a few knocks, this becomes incredibly difficult, and it’s locked away. Enough said.

It’s been interesting, and somewhat frustrating, to actually use Photoshop again to this degree, and realise how much my skills have fallen on the wayside. Only room for improvement from here.

Sophie & Kate – Thanks so much for creating the Monday Project! Looking forward to seeing some great ideas.

The only treasure I have to give