I had real trouble with a solution to this theme… When I thought about “Sadly, No” I came up empty quite a few times.

Then I thought about some of the other rusty creative cogs that need oiling… why not write some music… something which I have not attempted for quite a few years. I’m also attempting to teach myself music editing editing software – in this case GarageBand, as well as having an excuse to practice the guitar (which I don’t do nearly often enough).

I’m heavily inspired by artists such as iOTA, who is a spectacular performer and songwriter, and Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) for his sheer technical skill, and the quality music he creates with his mastery of the Sampler… his ability to layer the simplest of effects – just a man and his instrument – to create magic.

I guess what I was aiming for with this piece was to create the sound of a wordless conversation. Like one of those tough conversations that needs to be had, but we avoid having to save feelings from being wounded. There is the basic format of question/response, building up as it progresses, like people raising voices, then the conversation is eventually ended on a quieter note, no resolution having being reached, and a fair amount of uncertainty as to what comes next.

Sorry about the poor sound quality, as I had to settle for recording straight onto the laptop via the internal microphone (hence the static), and am also slowly learning the ins and out of equalizer functions and filters, layering, splitting and stitching tracks. I’ve also discovered I am quite useless at using the metronome! I’m sure at some point a train can be heard in the background, as I had no idea how to filter that out either. Trying to create something clean, that sounds as raw and untouched as possible is actually more complicated than it sounds! I also had originally planned to include a violin track, but didn’t have enough time to practice or write something I was happy with… It’s been a few years since I actually picked it up. A project such as this is also scary to a whole other level for me, as I not only run the risk of being scrutinised for what I have written, but also excecution/performance. And quite frankly, by the end, was so sick of hearing it over and over I have just submitted as is… I may eventually turn it into a full song. Maybe.

And I realise I’ve probably broken the M.P. rules by submitting as late as I have. But here it is…

Thanks to Mr Sketchy for the external link! While you’re at Codex Studios check out some of his other work 🙂


Ok… first ever blog, first post. Be nice people!

Having the world’s most boring job, Mr Sketchy put me onto this…

The Monday Project

My creative cogs DEFINITELY need some oiling!

Having ended a relationship in the last few weeks, and through a pretty intense conversation not long after with a friend, the approach I chose to take for this month’s project was based on the nature of issues, and how after a breakup, you tend to walk away with a few more of them. Forget material pursuits… The greatest treasure you could give to anyone (in my books anyway) is your heart. But after a few knocks, this becomes incredibly difficult, and it’s locked away. Enough said.

It’s been interesting, and somewhat frustrating, to actually use Photoshop again to this degree, and realise how much my skills have fallen on the wayside. Only room for improvement from here.

Sophie & Kate – Thanks so much for creating the Monday Project! Looking forward to seeing some great ideas.

The only treasure I have to give